R. Yagiz Mungan is an interdisciplinary developer/artist/scholar working with the concepts of interaction, VR/AR, games, web, mobile, algorithmic generation of audiovisual systems, sound, and interactive music.

Yagiz is currently working at AKQA creating interactive experiences. He holds MFA in Electronic and Time-Based Art at Purdue University and MS in computer engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and BS in electronics engineering with minor degree in physics from Sabanci University, Turkey.

These simple (and UX-wise 'slightly' outdated) pages contain selected works of mine, including recorded music, musical compositions, video games, photographs and videos as well as reports for integrated circuit design, Matlab codes and more.


Latest News:
Upcoming shows: 3D Web Fest, Balance Unbalance 2017, CounterPulse Artist Residence

(May 2017): Latest VR version of Illy will be at Maker Faire

(May, 2017) Music-crafted Digital Environments with A-Frame workshop was given within Gray Area Festival
(March, 2017) Illy: A Primitive Intelligence (The Eye) was exhibited at UploadVR Art and VR: A Soiree of Immersive Art and Tech
(November, 2016) Illy: A Primitive Intelligence (The Entity) was exhibited at CODAME ARTEX
(September, 2016) Illy: A Primitive Intelligence (The Eye) was exhibited at CuriOdyssey Museum within Index of Probabilities
(August, 2016) Urban Intermezzo was exhibited at California of Academy Life Sciences and Gray Area Incubator within Soundwave
(June, 2016) Illy: A Primitive Intelligence was shown at 3D Web Fest
(May, 2016) Overfall is out on Steam



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Last CV Update: March, 2015



contact: yagizmungan[at]gmail[dot]com