Agateophobia: A Journey through Subconscious



Agateophobia: A Journey through Subconscious

The game is set in future, where an epidemic is threatening the existence of mankind by altering their physical and mental state.

By searching the ancient records, historians have discovered the proof of a similar epidemic that had ravaged Europe during 1500's. The records about medieval Europe speak of a certain Dutch painter; Jheronimus Bosch, who painted The Epidemic in that era.

You get to play as The Scholar, an academician studying old European paintings. In order to find the cure for the epidemic, The Scholar sets for a desperate expedition to find the long-buried Library of New Alexandria, which should hold the last records of the Old World.

The Scholar will struggle between his conscious and subconscious, reality and imaginary due to the epidemic. She/He must reveal the secrets of both The Library and the events depicted in Bosch's paintings.

Here is the pitch document.