MineOpticon II: This is the original score for MineOpticon II, a virtual performance in Minecraft. The show references Lipizzaner culture to create a horse-riding performance in Minecraft. In the performance, the score is accompanied by processed live-sound. The back score can be listened here:



Enderman Arena of Music: Enderman Arena of Music is one of the results of my residency in the Minecraft server, Orwell. It is a place for sonic experimentation and performance in Minecraft. Please see the project page for more details and video documentation.


Causality: Causality is my latest game and installation. It is designed to create abstract sound stories. Please see the Causality page for more details and music files.


MineOpticon: MineOpticon is a virtual performance done in Minecraft. Here is the original score for MineOpticon, which I have composed.

First Show: 3 July, 2013, YouIn3D, Berlin, Germany


Coronal Rings: Music for the dance piece, Coronal Rings, choreographed by Hillary Steckel. Performed at Hansen Theatre in Pao Hall at Purdue University during Winter Works 2012, December 7-8.

Performance video


12 Months: Music based on climate data. Climate data is manipulated and converted into musical. The aim is to create an auditory experience that introduces a city based on the local climate. For more information see the project page.


I Remember Coconut Skins: AUDO 2013 Mix: Experimentation in DJing by mixing music that are composed for mixing. Performed at AUDO 2013, Purd University, August 24, 2013. You can find the recording here.


In Ink: A radio drama aired in WBAA May 2012. In Ink tells the story of a journalist who tries to overcome his past through his writing. You can find the file here. Stereo sound system is recommended.


The Thought: Sound design and live mixing for the improvisational dance piece The Thought. The sound is generated by the wireless microphone attached to the the dancer and shaped at the soundboard as an improvisation with and against the dancer. Performed at Nexus Dance Concert 2012, University of Colorado, Boulder.

video with lo-fi audio


Ultimate Christmas Album: A Superposed-Collection of Most Popular Christmas Songs: This is a critical take on the the Christmas music culture. For more details see the project page.





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Music with Virtual Instruments


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Performing Video Games: Approaching Games as Musical Instruments: This is my MFA thesis, which explores the ideas of combining the core game mechanic with the idea of playing a musical instrument / composing.



Color in Streamed/Downloaded Digital Popular Music: This paper looks at the relation between the color of album cover and the dominant timbres of a popular song.



Introduction to Algorithmic Composition and Pure Data: This is the manual for the workshop about Pure Data and algorithmic composition.

Pure Data Files


Study on 'Sound Art': Paper investigating: What is sound art? What are alternative practices in sound?