Unfortunately, most of my VR and AR related works are under NDA and not public. However, I have worked on a good amount apps that were used as internal tools, demos in trade shows, demos in fundraisers and prototypes for project proposals using Unity, three.js, Vuforia as main technologies. I have worked on Vive, Rift/DK1/DK2, Hololens, GearVR, Google Glass, Cardboard and some non-public HMDs. Currently (Jan 2017) working on an internal prototyping tool in VR and a roomscale VR experience at AKQA. I have also given multiple talks and workshops about XR in AKQA.


A short video from a prototype I made at AKQA in ~3 days. It is what I call stupid-fun level:

Human Gaze (WiP): A short webvr experience about us, nature and earth. Coming soon. Here is an audio snippet.


Snow's Solace: Holiday season in (web)VR. Quick project with some three.js and WebVR experimentations.Experience here. For experiencing it in VR make sure you have a VR compatible browser.


Illy: A Primitive Intelligence: Anti AI in (web)VR. Please see the project page for more details.


Urban Intermezzo: Initially created as an installation with Leap Motion in desktop mode, I have also converted it to VR. Plesas see the project page for more details. Made with Unity and Max/MSP/Jitter

Temple of Low Poly: This is a work-in-progress VR app employing low-poly aesthetics and procedural generation to create a low-key VR experience. Created with Unity for seated VR (tested with GearVR and Oculus Rift). Currently features procedural landscape generation, tree placement and day-night cycle.