Mobile Applications


At Float Hybrid Entertainment, I have created multiple web apps and HTML5-based mobile applications for specific events. Those applications are not publicly available due to NDAs. However, below is a selection of my personal mobile applications and web pages.


BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook


LolFeed: A viewer for the Cheezeburger network. LolFeed allows ad-free viewing of the posts (images, gifs and youtube videos). LolfFeed is created with HTML5/CSS/Javascript and provides a simple flow for consuming the media content using swipe actions to move forward and backward. By employing a smart download and caching the app is quick but also light on the processing speed which can get troublesome when multiple gif are being downloaded and played. It is available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30 at BlackkBerry World.


Ear Trainer: Ear training application created with ActionScript3 and Adobe AIR in FlashDevelop. The application provides tests in pitch detection, interval detection and chord detection. It uses MIDI and all the questions are generated on the fly. Thus, it does not have any recorded files, etc. The user can choose among multiple instruments and two diffuculty settings. Ear Trainer was initially created for a marathon. Ear Trainer is available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z30 and PlayBook at BlackkBerry World.


Particle Pad: Particle Pad is an audiovisual musical instruments that combines MIDI and particle emitters. The screen is divided into a grid/matrix and the rows define the instrument voicing and the columns define the pitch. There are multiple options for the visuals, however the instruments are predefined. Particle Pad is created with ActionScript3 during a marathon. Due to perfomance issues the application does not support multiple touches. Particle Pad is available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z30 and PlayBook at BlackkBerry World.


Dungeon Crawler: A text-based 'action-RPG' game released as beta. The game currently has single class (fighter) and an endless amount of procedurally generated items (spells and potions are not implemented), monsters and a dungeon. The game is devloped with ActionScript3 for a marathon.


Unity Remote: TCP/IP-based remote control application for Unity. Allows you to control First Person character with a tablet application. For more information (how to use the Unity Asset) please see here.


Windows Phone 8


Walk the Dark: Walk The Dark is a platform game about facing the unknown. To complete the game, you need to jump through platforms in the dark by tapping the screen. The game consists of a single level; however, the level is created procedurally every time you load the level. Thus to finish the game, you need to take leap of faith without seeing what the game or the future holds for you! Also, memorizing the level is not an option since, it changes every time. This is a hard game and winning requires a combination of skill and luck. The game was developed around 5 hours for a hackathon.




Purdue University Human Animal Bond: This was a site I worked on. At the time I left project (because of graduating from Purdue), we were evaluating two versions: version 1 version 2