Here, you can find the documents of the workshops I have given here at Purdue University. It must be remembered these documents were prepared to be accompanied by an instructor. The documents were error free at their original time, however the changes in software might not be reflected.


Emergence, Art and Game Design (June 23, 2015): This is a workshop about learning Minecraft and using it to design games. The workshop was co-taught with James Morng from SJSU and presented at FDG 2015. Workshop website.


Merging Physical and Virtual (September 30, 2013): This is a workshop about connecting Unity3D with Arduino in order to create mixed-reality games. The workshop requires basic understanding of Unity3D, Processing and Arduino. It is presented within AD41700 Variable Topics in ETB: Computer Games class at Purdue University. Rar package.


Pong in Unity3D (Summer 2013): This is an introductory workshop in Unity3D, where creating a Pong game is explained in steps. Rar package.


Physical Computing (Summer 2013): This is a series of Physical Computing workshops aimed at a beginner level. Topics include Arduino, Processing, electric, motors, sensors, seven-segment displays... Zip package.


Vision to Sound (Spring 2013): This is a slightly higher level workshop in Max/MSP/Jitter about using video/motion to create a sound object. Rar package.


Introduction to Algorithmic Composition and Pure Data (Summer 2012): This is an introductory workshop in Pure Data and algorithmic composition. It starts with random music and ends around using scales and steps. Rar package.


Unity3D - Max/MSP/Jitter (Fall 2011): This is a workshop based on using the mu Interoperability kit from DISIS (Virginia Tech.). It provides examples for streaming live video feed into Unity, triggering events in Unity with sound and using Unity to triggere events outside Unity. Rar Package.